Woman Had Constipation And Pain on her Lower Back—Doctors Were Shocked to Discover THIS!

Whenever you feel or see something odd or unusual in your body, it is always best to have a check-up. However, with the availability of information on the internet, many people choose to self-medicate, thinking they can save money.

Facebook user Christine Ching was suffering from constipation, lower back pain, and abdominal pain, but decided to brush it off. But when her abdomen started to swell out of proportion, friends and family urged her to have a check-up—which she finally did.

She consulted an internist, who then referred her to an OB-gyne after noticing how her abdomen has bloated. Immediately after examining Ching, the doctor claimed that she had felt a ‘lump’ in her abdomen. The doctor then told her to undergo a series of tests like CT scan, ultra sound, blood tests, and many more.

During the ultra sound, Ching confirmed that she indeed had a tumor—a 19cm big one. Upon submitting the results to her doctor, the latter said that she needed to undergo a surgery as soon as possible. The doctor added that there was a 50% chance that the tumor might be malignant.

A few weeks later, Ching was operated on. Her left ovary, fallopian tube, some lymph nodes, her omentum and the tumor, were all extracted and removed from her body. However, things didn’t end there. The tumor was malignant, and had an aggressive type of cancer. At 22 years old, Ching was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

She had to undergo 4 cycles of chemotherapy, which wasn’t easy—the expense came with intense pain from medication.

Today, she hopes that her story will reach other women, and urge them to have constant check-ups, and hopefully avoid this kind of life-threatening experience.

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