She Washed Her Face With Juice Of a Potato, See What Happened.. Incredible

She didn’t took any expensive skin treatments but her skin is looking so much radiant and glowing in just few days. She said she followed a very simple tip. She applied potato juice on her skin daily. Raw potato has many skin beneficial ingredient.


Vitamin A: Helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Vitamin B: Improves skin tone and reduces darkening of the skin. A deficiency in this group of vitamins can cause acne, wrinkles and even eczema. Ah!

Vitamin C: Perhaps the best vitamin for your skin, this vitamin helps repair any damage, combats free radicals and aging, and promotes healing.

Iron: Lack of iron can cause your skin tone to become pale and sickly looking (hello, anemia!)

Phosphorus: Aids cell repair.

Calcium: Helps regulate moisture, the growth of new cells and reduces irritation.

Potassium: Helps your skin to stay moisturized

If you do not have enough time, just apply raw potato help of fingers or cotton ball. Let it stay there fore few minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

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