Only Two Ingredients – Recipe That Is 6000 Years Old: Cleans The Fat In The Blood, Regulates High Blood Pressure…

This recipe dates back from 6000 years ago and is said in old Greece and the Middle East. This claim to fame is known under the name pastels, and some call it the Greek breakfast.

This therapeutic delicacy is said in Homer’s Iliad under the name Intrion. It is likely the most scrumptious formula you will ever attempt, and which at the same time has such great recuperating attributes.

What precisely are pastels? It is a blend of two super sound sustenances, sesame and nectar.

They even call it sesame and nectar pie.

The advantages and mending properties of pastels.

The mix of these two fixings gives you the Holy Grail of helpful fixings and in addition to other things, it contains: zinc, press, fiber, magnesium, calcium, copper and various vitamins, particularly from the B bunch, and the majority of the key elements for the wellbeing and working of the body.

As per research, the blend that is made by the cooperative energy of these every single regular fixing is powerful to regulate blood fat, particularly the LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Pastels will in a perfect world work on the direction of unpredictable pulse, hypertension and better dissemination.

It will give you the vital vitality and power for substantial and physical work.

Investigate proposes that the standard utilization of pastels can fathom interminable weakness, uneasiness and sadness. This blend greatly affects constant worry following 3 weeks of customary utilize.

Another review by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition affirmed the advantages of nectar and sesame seeds on the diminishment of despondency, atherosclerosis, different sclerosis and hypertension.

Pastels contain upwards of 182 components that are valuable for the wellbeing of the living being, and an especially high grouping of cell reinforcements that keep the advancement of tumor and different genuine illnesses at the cell level.

Only maybe a couple wads of pastels before a critical occasion will give you a solid and dependable vitality, and will be awesome fuel for the strength of the entire living being.

We unequivocally prescribe you to attempt this formula and routinely devour it.



  • 300 grams of tahini (paste made from pure ground sesame seeds)
  • 300 grams of natural honey

Note: You can find ready tahini in healthy food stores.

You can even create your own if you have time and a good blender:

For good hand crafted tahini glue you ought to utilize crude sesame seeds and oil of your decision (as a rule 2 tablespoons of oil run with one or a half measure of seeds, relies on upon how thick you need the blend to be — the for the most part utilized are sesame, olive or sunflower oil).

Delicately broil the seeds, without including the oil, until they get to be distinctly brilliant (5-10 minutes, blending consistently). Be watchful and don’t consume them in light of the fact that the sesame seeds will get an intense taste.

When they chilled off, place them in a blender with olive oil and blend until you have a glue with the coveted consistency (you can include more olive oil, on the off chance that you need).


Blend these two fixings in a bowl. Before putting them in the holder, pour the collected oil that has framed on the highest point of the skillet with the tahini.

Both fixings are fluids, the thing that is exceptionally fascinating is when are all around blended, they are solidifying into a mass that can be framed as a displaying earth.

Amid the blending procedure you can include a modest bunch of pounded bits of walnuts, almonds, pistachios or hazelnuts in this blend on the off chance that you need.

A few, while making this formula, heat the blend, which we don’t prescribe you to do because of the vast loss of helpful segments additionally for the taste.

Make yourself a few balls or other fascinating shapes. Roll the balls in entire sesame seeds.

The balls should be masterminded on a platter and set in the ice chest.

The pastels balls need to remain in the fridge, it is important to take 2-3 balls each day as a cure additionally as treat. Notwithstanding, it will be extremely hard to do that when you attempt how much flavorful they are.

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