This Is The Silent Killer In Your Kitchen That Is Worse Than Soft Drinks And Alcohol

Almost all spices in the markets are treated with dangerous chemicals that are banned everywhere. The thing is no one neither speaks nor writes about it.

How is this possible?

Namely, the whole process happens during the processing of a certain product, storage and distribution.

Producers of spices are trying to extract as many delicious ingredients as possible from foods, so they treat them with sterilizing and ethylene oxide is mostly used.

Ethylene oxide is a dangerous chemical that with over-exposure to laboratory rodents can result in cancer and other genetic mutations.

Irritation of the skin can occur in less exposure, but also damage to the brain and the nerves, depression and other diseases and health conditions.

Spices are usually contaminated insects, hair of rodents or other dangerous chemicals.

Also, spices are often contaminated feces of rodents that can be hazardous to human health.

However, this data is considered scarce and inconclusive due to uncertainty of the conducted studies.

Overall, the study is not taken seriously, and no one takes measures to better investigate this suspicious origin while we use spices regularly and in excessive quantities.

What can you do about it? Purchase organic spices!

Organic spices do not contain any filler, synthetics, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, which can be found in conventional spices. They also are not radiated and do not have any genetically modified ingredients.

This is why you need to buy organic products or produce your own spices.


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