Stop Eating This Food Immediately! It Causes 4 Types Of Cancer!

Recent studies showed that hot dogs are one of the favorite and most consumed food in the world. Especially in U.S. people just love them, there are over 7 billion consumers a year.

We all know that hot dogs are not good for us, but how bed they really are?

According to new findings, it is also the foremost cancer-causing fast food leading to even four types of cancer.

Hot dogs were first introduced by the German Immigrants in the 19th century and gained their popularity soon, so nowadays, they even enjoy an iconic status.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that all the process meats can cause cancer, even the red meat too.

Stop Eating This Food Immediately! It Causes 4 Types Of Cancer!

Hot dogs actually are mixture of pork, beef and chicken, leftover foods from cutting steaks or pork chops and ‘edible’ slaughter by-products, such as animal feet and heads, fatty tissue and skins.

After all the ingredients are mixed, numerous additives are added, such as: corn syrup, nitrates, large salt quantities, and other chemicals, most of which have been associated with cancer.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ranked the hot dogs and smoking on the same level of danger.

The most harmful substances that is used for production of hot dogs are Nitrates and nitrites, they blend with the amines on the high temperature and the final results are nitrosamines.

Nitrosamines is directly associated with few types of cancer:

– Bladder cancer
– Colon cancer
– Stomach cancer
– Pancreatic cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research did a research that showed, people who consume only one hot dog a day increase their risk of colorectal cancer for over 21%.

What are we suggesting you is to eat more fresh produce with every meal?

There is evidence that natural vitamin C found in citrus fruits and exotic berries (like camu camu) helps prevent the formation of cancer-causing nitrosamines, protecting you from the devastating health effects of sodium nitrite in processed meats. The best defense, of course, is to avoid eating processed meats altogether.

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