She Removes Her Bra For A While. A Few Weeks Later, She Can’t Believe How Her Breasts Have Changed!

As women, we have always been taught that wearing a bra is the proper thing to do. Wearing it makes your clothes look more attractive and gives your boobs proper shape. But did you ever wonder if it is really necessary to wear a bra? What are the advantages or disadvantages of wearing a bra?

Though wearing it or not is a matter of personal choice, there are a few factors that you must consider before making this big decision.

The whole purpose of wearing a bra is to apportion some (or the entire) weight of your breasts to your shoulders and the waist area. When you wear a proper-fitting bra, almost 80% of your bust weight is carried by the bra’s band, and the remaining by the shoulders. However, if you wear an ill-fitting bra, the entire pressure is on your shoulders. And this is why you might experience back pain or pain in the shoulders or neck.

Well, we have a number of reasons for wearing a bra. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. It helps you hide your nipples.
2. It enhances the shape of the breasts.
3. It prevents (or at least delays) the sagging of breasts.
4. Bra acts as an underwear for the upper body.
5. It helps you show off your cleavage.
6. It prevents backache or shoulder pain, especially in the case of busty women.
7. It controls sweating under the bust.

Going braless is a luxury for a few women (especially the ones with bigger boobs). Removing your bra at the end of the day is actually more comforting than taking your tight jeans off. Not only this, squeezing your breasts into a bra has many negative consequences on your general health. Even scientists support the fact that removing or ditching your brassiere can actually be beneficial for your health.

Here are a few things that will happen to you (and you were not aware of!) if you stop wearing your bra for a while.

1. You Will Start Feeling Better.

Like seriously, is there any feeling that can be compared to the relief you experience after taking off your tight and suffocating bra? It’s such a sweet feeling of freedom, especially if you’re wearing one of those lacy or underwired bras. You feel happy, and your boobs are free to do whatever they want – bounce, jiggle, swing, and most importantly, breathe. Feels so nice, right?

A quick fix for all your discomforts – take a bra-cation for some time.

2. Your Breasts Will Be Healthier.

Bras are not bad for your health. But, wearing the wrong-sized bra can surely cause discomfort and shortness of breath. When you sweat, the dirt gets trapped against your skin because of the tight bras, and this leads to infections, rashes or even acne.

3. You Will See A Significant Increase In Your Cup Size.

Yes, this is completely true. Ditching your bra can actually help increase your breast size! And promote them from B-cup to C-cup. Of course, it doesn’t happen within a day, and your breasts won’t turn fuller magically, but they will perk up naturally in some time.

4. The Shape Of Your Breasts Will Be Enhanced.

This one is contrary to what we have been believing and following since ages that not wearing a bra will cause your breasts to sag. In fact, according to various studies, bras have the opposite effect on your breasts, and over time, your breasts begin to lose their shape.

If you wish for firm and perkier breasts, it’s actually best to let them grow on their own rather than confining them in tight and uncomfortable bras.

5. Your Blood Circulation Will Improve.

Wearing tight clothes and bras for a longer duration is considered to be not so good for blood circulation. When you wear a tight-fitting bra, all the squeezing and tightening caused around the chest area compresses the blood vessels and slows blood circulation. This makes you feel tired and lethargic. Makes sense, right?

6. Your Sleeping Disorders Will Disappear In No Time.

You might have been advised by your mother or your friends to take off your bra before you sleep. In fact, even scientists approve of it. Also, there is a belief that sleeping with your bra on can cause breast cancer. But this is not true. It doesn’t lead to any such consequence. But yes, it can surely cause discomfort and disturb your sleep cycle.

So, what would you prefer? A cute lacy bra or a good night’s sleep? Sleep, anytime, right?

7. It Will Encourage The Growth Of Healthy Breast Tissues.

Some old studies have found out that wearing a bra for the entire day and night can hinder the growth of the breast tissues. Healthy breast tissues are very important as they help in strengthening the breast muscles.

8. Your Breathing Will Improve.

The logic behind this is quite easy to understand. Imagine a tight piece of fabric wrapped around your chest for 365 days, and this continues for many years. The feeling itself is so suffocating, right? Since the chest area gets enclosed in the fabric, the breathing process becomes more restricted. We are not saying that your bra will affect your respiratory system, but it surely restricts your breathing.

9. You Will Save A Lot Of Money.

Let’s just be honest and accept the fact that bras are expensive, especially those stylish and lacy ones. And no matter how hard we try, we just cannot resist buying them. Of course, there are the cheaper ones too, but they are not as tempting and comfortable as those stylish ones. No matter what the price is, whether you spend $20 or $100 on a bra, once you stop buying them, you save that amount of money. Awesome!

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