This simple method will relieve your headache and normalize blood pressure in a very short time. If you have severe, excruciating head pain – urgently prepare the saline solution.

How to prepare:

First of all, prepare the compress of gauze or thin cotton cloth. Fold gauze in 8 layers, compress width should match with the height of the forehead and the length with the head circumference.

After that, warm 250 ml of water to 60-70 C and dissolve in it two flat teaspoons of salt. You will get 8% cent saline.

With warm water quickly wash your forehead, ears, back of the head. Wet the compress in saline, gently squeeze it, shake it to cool little and wrap your head, ears and neck. Compress to fixed good, put on a head cotton scarf. After that, lie down.

Already after a few minutes you felt relief, but do not rush with removing of the compress. Stay laying down for twenty minutes. After removing of the compress, forehead, ears and back of the head again wash with warm water.

If you have an awful headache, take advantage of this simple method and rest assured, you will be better!

Do not be confused by such salt coverings. Salt intake causes swelling and high blood pressure, but a salt coverings acting to the contrary, through the skin, encouraging the discharge of fluid from the body, therefore, act as a diuretic. In a similar way you can get rid of swollen legs.

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