Pharmacists Do Not Want You To Find Out About This Cheap Medicine: In Only 24 Hours, It Kills 70% Of All Cancer Cells!

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, studied the lifespan of cancer patients over a period of 25 years, when he came to the conclusion that chemotherapy does not work. He testified that the patients suffering from cancer, who were treated with chemotherapy, died the most horrible death. Also, Dr. Jones warned that patients treated with chemotherapy die much faster and more painfully than those treated with an alternative therapy.


After numerous studies, it has been concluded that chemotherapy significantly reduces the lifetime and kills patients faster, and the worst in all this is that it is done consciously.

Pharmaceutical companies are doing it to make a profit, and it all was all for nothing when the people realize that cancer is curable by means of cheap and natural remedies that have been used by many people who are opposed to chemotherapy.

Researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted a study on the characteristics of grape seed extract. They found that the extract destroys cancer cells and 76% of cells generated from leukemia in only 24 hours in laboratory conditions. The study indicated that the responsible one for destroying cancer cells is the protein known as JNKs. If the cancer is more aggressive, the grape seed extract will act faster.

This revolutionary study has shown that grape seed extract destroys cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy, without harming healthy cells. On this basis, it can be concluded that the chemotherapy is completely useless.

Molly Derry, a PhD student from the laboratory of the University of Colorado, also confirmed that grape seed extract destroys cancer, revealing the following: “You need a half lower concentration of the extract for the destruction of 50% of the cancer cells and for the control of their growth in the fourth stage, rather than the second stage of the cancer.

Traditional chemotherapy affects specific mutation, and as the cancer progresses, there is a growing number of mutations. The result is the emergence of resistance to chemotherapy. In contrast, the bioactive components of grape seed extract can act to a greater number of mutations. If there are more mutations, this extract will be more effective.”

“For quite some time now we have been aware of the fact that bioactive substances from the seeds of grapes selectively destroy many forms of cancer cells. This study showed that many mutations make cancer resistant to chemotherapy, but also sensitive to the medical treatment of the grape seed extract, which kills cancer cells within 24 hours, “she said.

However, it is interesting that the pharmaceutical industry continues to claim that cancer is incurable, although science leads to new findings which show that cancer is just as treatable as any other illness, if it isn’t treated with aggressive methods, but more natural methods that are hidden from the public.

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