MOTHER WARNS! Never give this medicine to a child with measles. My son almost died!

Halley’s son recently felt ill and got measles! The experience of almost every parent!

When she consulted a doctor, he prescribed her medicine, which is regularly given in the fight against measles. Halley had full confidence in the doctors and began to apply the therapy to her son. She had no idea that the doctor in this case made the unforgivable mistake!

Levis has a fever and her measles were even worse, as they spread more. He was crying from anxiety and pain. The doctor still was not worried, but he claimed that this was quite normal phase.

She took Levis to several doctors and they all prescribed the same treatment. As the child was nothing better maternal instinct was getting stronger, even from confidence in medicine.

As it turned out, Levis was suffering from sepsis. The whole body was infected by bacteria and there were toxins in the blood. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory therapy, but it will only do that varicella penetrate deeper into the body.

Thanks to her persistence, Levis is in children’s hospital, and his sepsis can be cured. Otherwise, things would have ended badly! He is under new therapy now. It appeals to both pharmaceutical companies, as well as all doctors to think twice before prescribe Ibuprofen to children with measles.

Share this story with all the parents and warn them in time.


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