Make Your Own Tincture Of Life!

There is a record for the basics of this remedy in a UNESCO expedition which in 1971 has found in the ruins of an ancient Tibetan monastery recipe for a tincture of garlic, combined with a strong alcohol base. This recipe is complemented by another super-healthy anti-cancer plant whose benefits are also immeasurable, hot – chili peppers. The combination of these two plants has created this great remedy.


With regular use of the tincture you will return your lost energy primarily through excellent circulation made by completely cleansing of your circulatory system.

The tincture of life with garlic will give you a mega concentration of its healing properties with neutralized odor in a completely natural way. You can easily make the tincture yourself and take our word for it with regular use, you will feel really tremendous benefits of its properties.

Ingredients and preparation:

– Garlic 300 grams

– Chili peppers 3-4 pieces

– Medical alcohol or pure vodka 3 ounces (alternatively apple vinegar)

Peel the garlic, it’s best to do it with rubber gloves since it is a larger amount so to not leave its strong smell on your hands. Chop the garlic and mash it with a cutter or wood pistil to get mushy mass. Cut the chili peppers into smaller pieces and mash them the same way.

Mix these two mixtures, together in a larger glass jar or bottle and pour alcohol or vodka over it. If you don’t have medical alcohol it’s recommend to use pure vodka without additives since it has the weakest smell compared to other alcoholic beverages. If you don’t drink alcohol, even for medical purposes than in this micro-dose you can use purely natural apple vinegar in the same proportion. Close the obtained mixture, mix it good and leave in a cool, dark place away from sunlight.

Leave the mixture to stand for at least 2 weeks with daily occasionally stirring (If you use vinegar instead of alcohol than the tincture must stand for at least 3 weeks). After this period seep the mixture well through gauze or thick strainer but try to get all the juice from the puree part because this is where the best ingredients are.

Put the obtained tincture in dark bottles, which have the ability of drops dosage (with a pipette). The made tincture is not perishable, the alcohol will extract all the useful ingredients of garlic and peppers in the juice and will fairly neutralize the smell of garlic which is an important fact.

Use the tincture every day and measure it in small drops and at a special dose which we provide in the table below:

Drink the tincture during or after meal and only scrambled into a small cup of warm milk (0.05l) or you can also use yogurt. Milk or yogurt will help for easier consumption and additional neutralization of the garlic odor.

Drink the tincture while this measure is used up, after which the process is not repeated because this dose is sufficient. The break until the next use is a minimum of 2 years. The tincture will have a strong, peppery flavor of garlic but since the drops are diluted in milk, you should not have big problem.

By using this tincture you will feel better and better but you can have occasional feelings of heat, sweating, sleepiness, etc. as result of the action of this great natural remedy on your circulation.

There are numerous benefits of this elixir and they range from a positive impact on the liver, memory, regulation of the blood lipid, elimination of the parasites from the digestion system and intestines to great anti-cancer activity. We emphasize that the use of this natural medicine is good for prevention of heart attack and stroke with people who have survived them and those who are trying to prevent them. Your blood vessels, but also numerous parasites and bacteria will be completely cleaned.

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