Magical Remedy To Remove Dark Patches, Black Spots From Your Skin

This remedy is an all in one solution for all skin problems. It will remove all dark black spots and pigmentation from your skin. This is a very quick treatment that will complete in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Steaming

Step 2 – Pack

Step 3 – Icing


Take a bowl of hot water

Put your face on steam and cover with towel

Take steam on your face for about 5 minutes


For this you will need

4-5 rose petals

4-5 Hibiscus Flowers

2 tsp sandalwood powder

4-5 tsp water

Add of them in grinder and grind them, your pack is ready

After steaming apply this pack on your face

Massage for 3-4 minutes

Let it sit for 15 minutes

Wash your face with plain water


Take one ice cube and massage your face with this for 5 minutes