A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You, And Here’s How

Warning-A-heart-attack-can-be-predicted-even-months-before-Your-hair-warns-you-and-here’s-howAs strange as it may sound, even the tiniest of change in your body (like hair color change, for example) can be a sign of a serious health problem.

There was a recent study in Canada, in which the effects of everyday stress on human health, caused by work obligations and financial difficulties, were studied. The study came up with some interesting results, one which have the potential of saving lives.

According to the study, heart attacks can be predicted by examining biological markers, like the cortisone levels in your urine, saliva and blood. However, their study also showed that your stress levels and heart attack risk can be also observed by examining your hair strands. Since your hair grows faster when you’re under stress, a 5-6 inch hair strand is enough to discover whether you’ve been exposed to prolonged high levels of stress.

The subjects involved in the study already had their blood, urine and saliva tested before the study and the results showed that they have had high cortisone levels for days before the study began, said Prof. Van Mind, of the Western Ontario University.

The study was done on hair samples from 56 people that had already suffered a heart attack, and their hair strands were compared to people who never had one.