Goodbye To The Dialysis Machine – Scientists Have Developed A Bionic Kidney!

The natural remedies which are used by a lot of people around the world are indeed very powerful, but sometimes, there is a time when we have to turn to the modern technology.

Dialysis patients can’t live without the treatment, but they suffer a lot. Many of them have to wait for years in order to get kidney transplant and live their lives normally, with seemingly no other solution on the horizon. But, there is finally a light in the dark tunnel, as some scientists from the University of California at San Francisco, USA, have actually developed the world’s first bionic kidney which can actually replace damaged kidneys in a very easy and effective way.

The bionic kidney is actually a perfect replica of our kidneys. It consists of numerous microchips and it is moved by our heart. Like the normal human kidneys, the bionic kidney is able to filter waste, as well as toxins from the bloodstream. This project was unveiled by Willian Vanderbilt Fissels and Shuvo Roy from the University of California, offering renewed hope for a lot of people with kidney dialysis. Now, you are maybe wondering, “But what if the body rejects it?” You don’t have to worry as the scientists assure us that there are zero chances of rejection. Sounds incredible, right?

The reason for this is because the bionic kidney is made from renal cells. The first prototype is the size of a coffee cup and it can balance the levels of sodium and potassium in our body while it regulates the blood pressure. This project is wonderful news for those dialysis patients. In the beginning, in November 2015, the scientists have received $6 million from the Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and it is safe to say that the money was well spent.

The scientists have high hopes for that kind of kidney, and the lead researcher, Dr. Victor Gura says that the device will be available for sale in two years.

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