When You Get Old You Will Regret Not Having Done These Things. You Still Have Time!

They truly say “youth is wasted on the young”. Young people often don’t realize the opportunities in front of them and then they later have regrets about them. Like that time when you had the chance to learn a new skill but you just felt lazy. Now having a family and kids and growing old, you can only regret your laziness. Youth is short-lived and before you know it you will be bound with the compulsions of life, unable to pursue your interests and passions. So, instead of having regrets when you are old, make sure you do these things in your youth.

1- Not travelling when you could

Travelling gets harder the older you grow. Especially when you’ll start a family, you will have to pay for three-plus people, instead of just one. Not only expenses grow but the difficulty of travelling to remote places also grows. If you want to witness the wonders of the world, do it while you are single and young.

2- Not learning a new language

Many of us take a foreign language in our schools and colleges but just for the sake of it. We don’t actually learn the language and so, it’s highly likely we remember nothing of it when we grow old. You will regret that.

3- Not opting out of a bad relationship sooner
You will regret it

This is the biggest regret you will have unless you come out of the relationship sooner. There is no point in dragging a relationship if it isn’t working at all.

4- Not using your sunscreen

Skin problems get worse when you grow old and the easiest way to avoid them is by using sunscreen. If you forgo your sunscreen, you will definitely have regrets about it when you’ll see wrinkles and moles developing on your skin.

5- Not doing things out of fear

There will be times when you’ll think “what was I so scared of?” and “why didn’t I take a stand for myself?” So, instead of getting scared to do things, do it if it’s the right thing to do.

6- Not doing anything about your physical fitness

Most of us spend our youth sitting and lying on the couch. It gets harder to work out the older we grow. So, instead of wasting your physical well-being, get moving and do something about your physical fitness.

7- Not standing against gender roles

“You can’t do that because you are a woman” or, “men aren’t supposed to do that”. These are things you will often hear in today’s age as well. Don’t let anyone define you by gender roles.

8- Not quitting a job you hated

Everybody has to earn and pay their bills. But if you are doing a job you hate just for the sake of earning, you will spend half of your lifetime in a living hell. Take a risk, quit that boring job, and find something else.

9- Not working harder in school

When you grow old and you realize you aren’t smart enough to get a good job, you will have a serious regret about wasting your time in school. Though your grades don’t matter much when it comes to your future, but education does shape your personality and your qualifications will actually help you in your professional life.

10- Not realizing that “You are beautiful”

Many of us spend our youth thinking we are not beautiful. It only takes a moment to realize how beautiful you are. Realize it before old age takes a toll on your beauty and looks.

11- Not saying “I Love You”

You will be happy to know that you made your love known to the person you cherished instead of being scared and hiding your feelings.

12- Not listening to your parent’s advice

It’s a hard reality that our parents are much more experienced than us and what they say about life is mostly true.

13- Not doing things because of “what people will say”

After 20 years, it won’t matter what all these people thought about you so do whatever you want to do without worrying about what people will say.

14- Not moving on with life quickly

You are going to regret those long periods of life you spent trying to pick yourself up from the ground. It’s nothing but wasted time.

15- Not forgiving people especially those you love

You will regret it when you realize that you lost the people you loved just because you were angry and held a grudge against them all these years. Forget and forgive.

16- Not taking a stand for yourself

Don’t waste your youth taking shit from people. Take a stand for yourself. Time spent being a victim is time wasted. Don’t be a victim of anything.

17- Not volunteering even at least once

You will regret in your old age if you have never volunteered to help make the world a better place. It’s a great source of sadness for people.

18- Not taking care of your teeth

Our elderly relatives often advise us to take care of our teeth. When dental problems spring up in old age, that’s when we regret neglecting our teeth.

19- Not being close to your grandparents

Some people just avoid their elderly relatives. But one of the biggest regrets you will have when you are old is when your grandparents pass away and you realize you were never close to them and never asked them about your family history.

20- Not spending more time with family and friends

On our deathbed, we will regret not spending more time with family and friends. That’s when our earnings won’t matter but our close relationships will.

21- Not taking a break

Young people are constantly on the go. They don’t have time for family vacations or even a quiet time for themselves. That will be a great source of regret.

22- Not finishing what you started

“I always dreamt of becoming an author and writing a novel. I even started writing but then…” That will be a huge regret.

23- Not learning any party trick

It will be fun being the life of the party if you know at least one party trick. So, why not master it in your youth.

24- Not doing anything just because of cultural expectations

People will often tell you “it’s not done around here.” You will regret paying attention to these cultural expectations and not pursuing your dreams.

25- Not ending friendship with people who have grown apart

Instead of clinging to people who have grown apart, it’s best to acknowledge that things have changed and move on.

26- Not playing enough with your kids

After the end of the day, we are so tired, we don’t want to play with our kids. But it’s important to know that it will only be a matter of time when your kid will go from wanting to play with you to wanting you out of their room. So, play with them while they let you.

27- Not taking a risk

To pursue your dreams, you need to take risks. It will be a source of comfort to know that you took the leap even if you failed to achieve your goal.

28- Not networking and developing contacts

When young, you may not realize the importance of developing contacts and networking but when you are old you will realize how important it was.

29- Not staying worry-free

Most people spend half of their lives worrying about things that never happen anyway. Or even if they happen, worrying is not going to solve the problem. So, why worry?

30- Not avoiding needless drama

You don’t need to dramatize your life. These dramas will a source of great embarrassment and you would wish you had avoided them.

31- Not showing your talent in front of everyone

You will regret not standing in front of a crowd, showing your talent to everyone and knowing how it feels like.

32- Not being grateful sooner

Life is often spent whining and complaining. You will regret it if you don’t stop and be thankful for what you have been blessed with and if you don’t do it sooner.

33- Not learning how to cook

Life is wasted if you regularly eat frozen meals and takeaway foods and if you don’t know how to rock a family dinner with a drool-worthy meal.

34- Not doing anything about your dreams

You will regret that time when you wanted so badly to learn something or be something but you did nothing about it. Instead of just thinking and dreaming, do something about it. It’s not a fairy tale and fairy godmother won’t come to help you. So, you gotta do something yourself.

35- Not caring about others

You will regret spending your youth too self-absorbed in your problems and not caring for others. You will be embarrassed about thinking that your life was more difficult about anyone else’s in the world.

Make sure you do all the above things before you hit your 40s or 50s. Frankly speaking, nothing is worse than having a regret you can do nothing about.

Is there anything else you regret about? Let us know in the comments and we will add them here.

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