What Does The Gap Between Your Fingers Reveal About Your Life?

People’s hands reveal many things about them and many character traits. Just by observing someone’s hands you can tell what kind of person they are. On our hands it is written how we act, what choices we make, and what our behavior towards other people is. The study of the human palm is called palmistry and it is connected to the lines every man has on their palms. These lines can reveal not only our past, but our future as well.

What Does The Gap Between Your Fingers Reveal About Your Life

We have all heard about this reading from the lines on the palms, but have you heard about the untraditional hand reading, that looks at the gaps between our fingers, instead of at the lines? There is a video attached in this article that will make things clearer for you.

There are three alternatives: A, B and C and you are supposed to choose one of them that best fits your hand.

If most of your choices are under A, then you are an honest, true, open minded person that is always happy and cheerful and blunt, and wants to make friends and hang out with them a lot.

If you have chosen more B answers and alternatives, then this means that you are a great listener and give marvelous advices. You just know how to act with people and have your way with them. Still, when compared to people in the A group, these people are a little bit more reserved and introvert.

People that belong to the C group are very introvert and closed people; they have their own world and do not want people to meddle with their privacy. The best advisors for them are they themselves and are very independent.

Maybe this is an unusual and strange way of revealing people’s personalities, but it is a new and interesting one, one must admit.

Take a closer look at your hands and after that and after seeing the video, take another, deeper look into yourself and your personality.

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