In this article, we’re going to talk about Coca-Cola. There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t tasted this fizzy drink and many people even adore it. At first, it was considered to be a medicinal drink, but people started to use it for many more things. Unfortunately, this drink can be extremely bad for your organism.

After many researches, it has been established that not only the refreshments but also the sweetened drinks are the principal sources of calories in the body. They are extremely harmful for the organism if they are consumed excessively.
People who drink big quantities of these drinks have a minor consumption of calcium, ascorbic acid, magnesium and vitamin A, as well as a high ingestion of caffeine and cocaine which causes addiction that can later cause obesityand diabetes.

How does this affect our body?
According to studies realized by Dr. West Conner, this beverage that many people consider refreshing affects our body the following way:

* 10 minutes: one can of this beverage equals 10 teaspoons of sugar, which would be a 100% more of the daily allowed dosage!

* 20 minutes: sugar turns into glucose and increases the insulin which can signify that the liver has started to become greasy.

* 40 minutes and a little more: the present caffeine in the drink is totally absorbed by the body, increasing the blood circulation as well as the production of sugar in the liver. It blocks the cerebral recipients which reduces the sensation of fatigue.

* 50 minutes: the levels of dopamine become increased what causes you to feel good which is very similar to the effect of heroin in the organism.

* 60 minutes and more: the caffeine acts as natural diuretic which means all the minerals become expelled through the urine: magnesium,calcium and the zinc. The urine changes several times.
The body also starts to eliminate water and some of the most essential nutrients for its good functioning.
So, if you want to preserve your health and have a better quality of life, you better reduce or even avoid the consumption of this drink!

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