She had $ex, when she was on her period. All women should know what happened with her later!

$ex during periods is a matter of personal preference and cultural beliefs. Medically, it is safe to have sex during your period as long as you don’t use it as a ticket to have unprotected sex.

Benefits of having sex during menstruation

  • $ex may help relieve pre or post menstrual pain and symptoms if you get an orgasm.
  • Endorphins released during an orgasm are natural painkillers and mood lifters, which can relieve in cramps, headaches, mild depression, and irritability associated with periods
  • Some women also claim enjoying sex more when they are menstruating because of the feelings of fullness in the pelvic and genital areas.

Can sex during menstruation harm the penis or the uterus (womb)?
Menstrual discharge contains blood and tissue lining the womb. There is nothing dirty about it and contact with menstrual fluid. It will not cause any injury or irritation to the penis. There is no risk of injury to the uterus either. There is no risk of the penis getting pushed into the uterus while having sex during menstruation.

Risks in having sex during periods

  • The likelihood of an HIV-infected woman’s passing the infection to her male partner is higher during her periods
  • A woman’s chances of contracting an infection, (for e.g. herpes) from her male partner, are higher during her periods.
  • $ex during menstruation puts a woman at higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease
    A woman is also more likely to pass on other blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis- B or C to a partner during her period
  • A woman is more likely to develop yeast or bacterial infections like candidiasis or bacterial vaginosis because the vagina’s pH during menstruation is less acidic.

Points to remember while having sex during menstruation

  • With adequate precautions, sex during periods can be enjoyable. These are some of the points that you should keep in mind.
  • It’s advisable to use contraception, preferably a condom, as it will prevent transmission of infections and also protect you against any chances of pregnancy
  • Consider using a dental dam while having oral sex during periods. They are available in various sizes and flavors.

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