There was a man that was given the unpleasant news of having both diabetes and hypertension, this was four years ago and he was placed on quite a number of prescription drugs which he had to take everyday for the rest of his natural life. This was before he discovered that there was an alternative way of treating both his diabetes and high blood pressure, the recipe he discovered is 100% natural and has the potential of completely curing his ailments to astound even the doctors that had diagnosed his conditions and prescribed treatment. Along with the amazing recipe this man changed his dietary habits and ate more fruits and vegetables, he was able to gain his health back as a result.

However, the man did not know he had diabetes before visiting the hospital for a check-up, which he felt was not a big deal at first. Before paying his doctors a visit, he had experienced symptoms of unquenchable thirst and fatigue. By the time a blood sugar count was done, he had a blood glucose level of 29 and it was also discovered that his pancreas had stopped working properly and so was not producing sufficient amounts of insulin to regulate the blood glucose levels, he now had to be taking insulin shots as a result.

At first he seemed alright, but soon after his triglyceride levels shot-up to about 16 and his blood pressure rose to 150/100, his health was deteriorating. One day while watching television, he stumbled upon a show entitled – “The Edge of Science” featuring Dr. John Zirdum a man that was known to have eaten only raw foods for a period of 12 years. This show motivated him to change his life and get back to good health.

He then embarked on a dietary routine which involved eating raw organic fruits and vegetables, by the first week his blood glucose level dropped to about 5.

Soon he decided to stop taking the insulin shots as his new found dietary regime and natural health plan seemed to be churning out impressive results. However, he still kept the insulin shots available just in case there was a relapse in his condition. This relapse never happened though, as this man began to shed the excess weight which he had gained since the conventional treatment and his blood glucose levels remained low and stable. By day 25, he had lost a total of 11 kg and his health had remarkably improved.

By the fourth month the man had a blood pressure of 120/70 and he had lost 20 Kgs of weight. He looked trim and fit, while his triglyceride levels had dropped to 1.4. The amazing recipe this man used during his treatment can be prepared by you in your own home with little fuss, here’s what you need.


  • Organic apples – 2
  • Kiwi – 2
  • Bananas – 5
  • Kale – 1 handful

Preparation And Use

  • Incorporate all the ingredients after chopping them into small pieces, in a blender and blend till you get a homogenous mixture.
  • Pour out the mixture into one litre of clean drinking water and allow it to sit for a while.
  • Every morning consume 1/2 a litre or 50 cl of this recipe at first, then later that day drink the remaining recipe.

Make sure you consume fresh vegetables and fruits while you take this recipe. You should also eat lots of vitamin B12 rich tuna fish. By the time you start consuming this recipe you will have a feeling of satiety, which stops you from consuming large amounts of food during the day, thereby ensuring that your weight is kept in check.

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