This Chinese Remedy is Real Elixir Of Life – It Will Cleanse Your Body and Prevent Many Diseases


42 years ago the UNESCO expedition found a secret receipt in Tibet monastery that change the way of understanding the human body. In the beginning they check if this cure really works. They have tested it on 632 people and noticed that it is a solution for 327 human diseases. So, they started to sell this receipt for a very high sum of money. In the beginning people thought that it is just a commercial, but later they understand that this unique receipt can change everything. So, people started to buy it. We have already bought this receipt and want to share it with you this cure that is about 3000 years old.


It is excellent for the proper work of your body; for blood vessels; it prevents you from infarct; sclerosis; steno cardio; apoplexy and tumor. It is awesome for the eye sight and it renews the body.


Chop 12 oz / 350 g of garlic, and then finely mash it using a wooden pestle. Add 10 oz / 300 ml of 96% alcohol and keep the mixture in a jar. Close the jar well and let it rest for 10 days. Strain the liquid using a thick gauze and leave it for another 2-3 days. After you have done this you can start consuming the remedy according to the specified chart.

This old Chinese remedy should be consumed in drops, which should first be dissolved in 50 ml of milk at room temperature. Take it every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the first day, take one drop for breakfast, two for lunch, and three for dinner.

Proceed with the directions listed on the chart. On day 11 you should take 25 drops with every meal, and drink it until you have enough of the remedy.


Carry on following the scheme given in the chart. On day 11 you should start taking 25 drops with every meal, and drink it until you have enough of the remedy.

This Chinese remedy is real elixir of ife it will cleanse your body and prevent many diseases.


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