Clean Your Lungs – The Best Elixir

You are smoker? Start using this elixir and clean your lungs from nicotine and tar. Effective simple and fast.

For elimination of toxins your lungs

clean_lungs_smallTurmeric – This stunning yellow spice is rich in vitamins and minerals, and contains healing omega-3 fatty acids. Turmeric is known for its antiviral, anticancer and antibacterial properties, so it is very desirable to use it as much as you can.

Ginger – This Greek spice with centuries is known for its miraculous healing properties. Ginger is also important for the discharge of secretions deposited in the lungs due to smoking.

Onions – Many benefits of onions and garlic are widely known. These products have anticancer effects and they are excellent prevention for many malignancies. Onion is particularly effective in preventing various respiratory infections.

The recipe for the elixir that will clean your lungs:


-400 grams of sugar
-Cleaned smaller ginger root
-1 liter of water
-400 grams of onion
-2 tsp turmeric


In a bowl with water put sugar, and put it on fire. Add cleaned onion, cut into quarters, and add the grinded root of ginger, the size of a thumb. Pour the turmeric and let the mixture reach a boiling point, after that reduce the temperature. Cook until the mixture is reduced in half. Drain it, pour into a glass jar, and let it cool to room temperature, after that place the jar in the refrigerator.

Usage: Take two tablespoons on an empty stomach in the morning and in evening two hours before main meals.

The maximum dose of the drink is 3 times a day, before meals.

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