Choose The Pen You Like And it Will Reveal Your Personality

Everyone is different. People are different based on their body types, hair color, eye color, religion, and definitely personality. In fact, we can go as far as to say that no one person on earth is the same.

To categorize people, psychologists have attempted to “classify” individuals based on their personality by defining factors. These factors are based on the theory of color and shapes. Psychologists believe that choosing on of the six feathers in the images below can reveal a lot about what your personality type might be.


• Observe the 5 feathers in the picture.

• Concentrate on the color and shape of the feather.

• Choose the feather that you like the most or one that you can identify with the most.

• Check the results and be amazed!

• Share your opinions!


If you chose feather one, you might be an imaginative person. You like to work on yourself and try to improve different aspects of your life and body. You have a strong character which many people interpret as being “bossy”. You like things to be perfect and try to be as efficient as possible, but you feel bad when things don’t turn out the way you planned.


You’re good at adapting to different situations, and “renew” yourself constantly. You’re a quick learner, however, you tend to isolate yourself a little bit, due to the fact that you like to learn on your own.

Don’t worry however, people who love you will always be there to support you when you need them.


You’re adventurous and resourceful. You love to be active and like to handle a lot of projects, even though it becomes hard for you to focus on one thing.


You’re into harmony and are very helpful to others. You like to surround yourself by people who care for you and have the same interests as you do.


Creativity runs through your veins. You’re artistic but sometimes you don’t trust yourself and doubt your abilities. This is due to the constant fear of failure that you experience.

So, why are colors and shapes important?

Early childhood education programs are known to teach young children colors and shapes at a very young age. It is because colors and shapes are two very perceptible characteristics of the world around us. When you look at the scenery outside, your mind notices and identifies the different things. Children perceive and catalog what they see based on colors and shapes. These characteristics push children to outline and establish the world around them.

Teaching colors and shapes in kindergarten are the building blocks that your child should know before he or she learns other skills like reading and writing. Understanding colors and shapes is a great asset to know, that will allow your child to learn some skills in all areas of education ranging from mathematics to reading. When your child learns to distinguish the differences and similarities between colors and shapes, he or she is using the skills required to recognize the difference between letters and numerals.

When small children are playing, they use sorting and classifying skills while the child notices similarities and difference of color and shapes, compares them, and then organizes the information into different segments. It might seem like a simple process, yet it is the foundation for living in the world today. Sorting by color and shape also makes sure that your child is ready for the application of these skills anywhere from making art, to searching a for a book using the “dewy decimal” system at your local library.


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