How To Detox Your Kidneys And Improves It’s Functionality

There are many factors that can contribute to kidney toxicity and improper kidney function. The most common ones include smoking, alcohol consumption, unhealthy starchy foods and hereditary kidney problems. Kidney toxicity is usually characterized by mild pain on the lower back. However, if you ignore this symptom, it can result in serious complications, such as … [Read more…]

Tighten Your Belly in 21-day With The Plank Challenge

Do you have problems with your belly shape? Are you still dreaming about having 6 packs abs? We have a solution for you. We bet that you have heard of the plank, haven’t you? We also assume that you underestimate the effectiveness of this exercise. Unlike crunches, which are more common in abs workouts, the … [Read more…]

6 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Vertigo

What is vertigo? Do you have it? Well, if you experienced weird, unexplained change in your eyesight and ringing in your ears. In the same time you couldn`t manage your balance and on the other hand everything whirls and spins. That might be vertigo. Vertigo is a symptom that comes from different types of balance … [Read more…]


If you want to have a slim body you should follow a clean-eating plan. It is a healthy approach to eat according to a clean eating plan, you will forget about extra fat. This plan suggests a variety of healthy foods such as veggies, fruits, greens, proteins, fiber, whole grains and good fats. In order … [Read more…]