6 Signs That Indicate You May Have a Blood Clot

Our body works in a lot of ways in order to protect itself from serious damage. One defensive system is blood clotting that happens whenever we cut ourselves and prevents us from bleeding out. The blood gets thicker and in time clots in order to stop us from bleeding.

These blood clots are always welcome and normal but sometimes they can happen even when we don’t need them to. These situations are dangerous and can lead to serious consequences like a heart attack or a stroke.

Whenever you notice something like this happening consult your doctor immediately.

Just in case here are a couple of tell tale signs that will help you recognize the symptoms of a blood clot:

  1. Feeling Pain Or Tenderness In The Legs

This is the most common symptom and can feel like a cramp or a specific tenderness that you can’t miss. If you feel like this it may mean that you are at danger.

  1. Unexplained Cough

If you feel any irregularities or a cough for no reason consult a medical professional since it may mean that you have a blood clot.

  1. Shortness Of Breath

Difficulty breathing may indicate that you have a blood clot in the lungs and can lead to serious issues. If you feel unexplained chest pains, dizziness or a racing heart go to a check up immediately.

  1. Deep Breathing Chest Pains

If whenever you take a deep breath you feel a dull pain it may mean that you are at a danger of a blood clot. In this case consult your doctor.

  1. Leg Swelling

Blood clots can cause veins thrombosis that is a very serious affliction. They can block the blood flow and with that impede the whole circulatory system. It can prevent blood and oxygen from transporting to all the vital organs.

  1. Red Streaks On The Skin

Notice your body and see if you have some irregular red streak on it that are new. They can appear in many forms but usually they manifest as red streaks and lines.

If you don’t treat any of these symptoms and blood clots on time you make be on a fatal risk of many issues that can happen due to blood clots. Whenever you notice some irregularity, go to your doctor instantly to prevent the situation from getting worse.

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