6 Natural Fertilizers That Will Revive Your Plants, Do Not Throw Them Away!

If after spending a bundle in a lovely pot that you placed in a corner with your favorite plant notes that soon after its leaves begin to wither, the stems turn yellow and the lack of life is evident in that it does not give flowers, we understand Your frustration.
Maybe the plant did not receive adequate care: Lack of sun, excess of sun, lack of water, excess water, etc., but in case you have taken care of the plant according to the necessary requirements and still the notes that little is wilting we suggest you use some of these tricks home that contribute nutrients to plants and stimulate their growth.

What does every plant need to grow?

Regardless of the type of plant all need water and light, but some because they are more delicate or because they are located in a place that requires it need some “vitamin” supplement that we can qualify as fertilizer; But in this case, these are elements that we usually discard but contain a lot of nutrients.

Use these natural products to fertilize your plants and grow them strong and beautiful:

1) Erase or coffee grounds:

Tonight, when you prepare your usual coffee after dinner, remember not to discard the eras because even if you do not believe it contains a lot of minerals and nutrients ideal for planting. This coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals that represent organic matter indispensable to nourish the earth.

2) Eggshells:

This is another element that will definitely always go to waste and we do not take into account that the egg shell contains large concentrations of calcium and other minerals that serve to nourish the plants. Collect the egg shells and with the aid of a mortar, tritúralas and then spread them inside the pots.

3) Banana Peel:

Not only the banana itself contains large doses of potassium but also the peels that are discarded. This organic matter has minerals and nutrients such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, nickel, bromine, sulfur, magnesium and many more.

4) Water of fish:

If you have a fish tank and you normally change the water every time you clean it, do not discard it! This water contains many substances that can serve to nourish the earth. Water your plants with this water.

5) Old nails:

This is almost pure deduction. The nails are made of iron and this mineral is ideal for nourishing the earth. If you have old nails and already rusty to those that you know you will not be useful to bury them in the pot to help nourish the earth.

6) Wood Ash:

If you have a fireplace or for some reason you have burned wood, do not discard these ashes because they are an immense source of potassium, phosphorus and bicarbonate of calcium. Phosphorus helps to ripen fruits and enhances the perfume of flowers. Do not put ash directly on the earth; Prepare this fertilizer by mixing it with water.

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