Your Body’s Acidic pH Is Allowing Cancer To Multiply. Here’s How To Restore Balance Fast

“The maintenance of normal acid-base balance is one of the body’s most important homeostatic functions,” said Martini, Bartholomew, Bledsoe 2008. There is a balance our body needs to maintain in order to stay in the state of health or homeostasis. Your blood pH needs to be maintained between the range of 7.35 and 7.45 to … [Read more…]

Poor Blood Circulation, Cold Feet And Hands? Here Is How To Solve Your Problem Overnight!

Poor circulation can be very unpleasant. It can occur in men, women and children. The extremities of the body are often one of the first places a person notices that they have a circulation problem. It actually affects the blood flow throughout the whole body, but here it is most noticeable. Weakened blood vessels and a constant … [Read more…]

New Test Can Determine Autism In Children In Just 10 Minutes!

Measuring how children respond to pleasant and unpleasant odors can help identify children suffering from autism spectrum disorder very early in their lives, suggests a new research. The researchers found that people with autism spectrum disorder do not make the natural adjustment like other people do when they encounter unpleasant smell. The difference in sniffing pattern … [Read more…]

Little Boy Will Lose 75% Of His Eyesight Because Of Small Toy You Probably Have In Your House

Health officials in Australia have a warning for parents around the world: laser pointers are not toys. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a Tasmanian teenager had lost 75 percent of his vision as a result of shining a laser pointer in his eyes while playing with it. As a result, optometrists are warning parents of the … [Read more…]