2 Years Back Grandma Prepared This Oil For Me, Since Then I Am Using It And Believe Me Now I Don’t Lose a Single Hair

Image result for 2 years back grandma prepared this oil for me, since then I am using it and believe me now I don’t lose a single hair

2 years back I was afraid about my hair fall, they were falling so badly but then my grandma saved my life. She prepared one oil for me and it changed my situation completely

Ingredients needed:

1. coconut oil (250ml)
2. amla (50gm) (gooseberry) – dried
3. Methi (50gm)(fenugreek seeds)
4. Neem leaves (50-70 leafs)
5. Curry leaves (50-70 leafs)
6. Hibiscus flower (15-20 flower) (गुडहल)


  • First take coconut oil in pan and put it on heat
  • Add grinded methi
  • Add amla
  • Add curry and neem leaves
  • After few minutes add hibiscus flower
  • Leave it overnight
  • Filter it and your oil is ready

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