2 Effective Curd Face Masks – Apply 1 Spoon of This Everyday And Believe me You Will be Center of Attraction All Time. Everyone Will Ask You Secret of Your Beauty

Beautiful flawless skin can attract everyone towards you. Makeup is not the right solution, any make up can not make your skin flawless and attractive, naturally beautiful skin is always the best

Today I will tell you some of the natural remedies that can remove all spots from your skin and will also make your skin glowing

In all these remedies we will use one common ingredient and that is – Curd

Curd is very effective to get rid of tan. It will give extra shine to your skin and also removes all aging signs from your skin. It also make your skin fairer and brighter. So you can see that curd is an all in one solution for all your skin problems.

Now let me tell you some of the effective ways to use this amazing ingredient for your skin

Remedy 1

In half cup cord add one spoon lemon juice

Keep it in fridge fore few minutes

Massage your face and neck with this for 5 minutes and then wash it off with plain water

Remedy 2

In 1/4 th cup curd add 1 spoon olive oil

In this add broken wheat until you get smooth paste

Apply it on your face, when it get little bit dry, rub in circular motion

It will remove tanning and dead skin from your face

Wash your face with plain water

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