15 Signs You Are Meant To Be Together

Deciding whether you are truly ready to commit to someone is a deep and personal decision, and everyone has different criteria for determining whether the relationship is “destined” to survive. However, what is the easiest way to “determine” such thing? Below are 15 signs of a good and strong relationship, if you recognize most of them, your relationship will probably survive.

1. You can tell them things you have never told before to anyone. The desire to tell your partner intimate details of your life shows that you trust them, which is the main component of long – term, successful relationship.

2. You allow them to see you in the moments of weakness. When everything in your life goes according to a plan, it’s easy to be happy. But what about when things go south? Do you want to see your partner when you are sad and don’t feel good? Your partner should be your comfort in difficult times, not a burden.

3. You respect them. You don’t want to change the essence of their personality. Sometimes there are things that irritate you, but you love them, pure and simple.

4. You are proud of your partner and you would love your friends and family to meet them.

5. You can imagine your future together. You don’t have to practice writing your name next to his last name, but don’t you occasionally imagine your life together? Isn’t that great?

6. You are not afraid of having arguments with them. You know that they will listen to you and understands you, even if you are wrong.

7. You want to solve your main differences. If you have key differences that will affect your common future (different beliefs about religion, money, family, etc.), you are coming up with ideas of how to settle those differences and with solutions that will be satisfactory for both of you.

8. You laugh together. Laughter is one of the simplest joys of life – definitely you should be able to make each other laugh.

9. You are definitely attracted by their appearance. “Chemistry” is without a doubt an essential ingredient in a healthy relationship. And what if they don’t really fit in your usual “type of ideal partner”? Well, that’s another reason to believe that they are “the one”.

10. It’s fine when you are silent. There isn’t any awkwardness in being together and not having the need to talk. Is totally normal for you to be quite next to each other.

11. Around them, you are the real you. You don’t have to think what to say, or do. You are not tense or anxious. Being yourself comes naturally when you are with them.

12. You need them in “sufficient quantities”. Certain types of need are fine, but too much can be a cause of frustration.

13. You aren’t jealous. It is okay with you if they go out with their friends (even if that includes friends from the opposite sex). Both of you have own lives and hobbies.

14. You have the feeling that you are better person when you are around them. His “influence” on you, makes the best of you to come out. You are funnier, more creative, more optimistic… You have the feeling that they complement the best parts of your personality.

15. They simply understand you. It’s simple as that. They understand the parts of your personality that you can’t explain. It is a warm and comfortable feeling that you only have with the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with.


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