Bernardo Lapallo is 113 years old and he is still capable of moving around and takes care of himself independently.

Consistently he strolls no less than 2.5 kilometers in the recreation center or in nature however this man likewise have teeth, hair and only couple of wrinkles. Bernardo clarifies that hereditary qualities may have enormous effect as he originates from a group of extensive individuals. To be specific, he reviews that his grandma lived 107 years, his mom 105 and his dad 99 years.

In any case, he concedes that the best advices and key tips for life span he had gotten from his dad who was a specialist and botanist. His dad exhorted him what he ought to eat so as to remain solid. All individuals ought to lead such way of life consistently. By expending crisp foods grown from the ground, devouring a lot of water, practicing on standard premise and enough rest.

Bernardo recommends that there are several ingredients that should be consumed regularly, including honey, cinnamon, garlic, olive oil and chocolate.

– Honey

Honey is a characteristic mixture of wellbeing and individuals ought to devour it each and every day. This brilliant fluid is high in cell reinforcements and can help against a not insignificant rundown of illnesses. It is of outrageous significance to purchase natural honey so as to get the greater part of its restorative properties and get advantage from them. Honey is to a great degree helpful for your general wellbeing our recommendation is to begin devouring it.


Besides its amazing flavor, cinnamon has the ability to reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar, but in same time fights yeast infections and inflammation and improves digestion. It is advisable to add this spice in your meals for longevity.

– Garlic

Garlic is a standout amongst the most well known fixing in assortment of regular cures and it can cure a variety of restorative conditions. Garlic has dynamic fixing alicin that has various restorative properties. Due to the allicin, garlic can diminish elevated cholesterol and hypertension. Garlic additionally is effective in forestalling atherosclerosis which really is the underlying driver of coronary illness. By devouring crude garlic you will get the greater part of its medical advantages.

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