Giving birth to a healthy baby is the desire of each woman. Getting conceived with twins is like a cherry on the cake. Everyone wants two fruits grown from a single seed.

 Naturally conceived twins occur in 1 out of 89 births. There are artificial treatments like IUI, IVF, etc. which help the woman conceive twins. It is, however, better to get pregnant with twins under natural conditions.

These are the best natural ways to get pregnant with twins real quick.

  • Having family history of twins, then you might get pregnant with lookalikes. This drastically increases the chances of having twin babies.
  • The chances of having twins are affected by your ethnicity. African American women are more susceptible to conceive twins, however, Caucasian and Asian women have less chances for this.
  • The factor which determines having twins is age. Older women are more likely to conceive twins, compared to younger women, but the older ones have higher rates of miscarriage and complications.
  • Greater chances to deliver twin babies have heavy women. According to one study, women with Body Mass Index higher than 30 have greater chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  • The susceptibility to conceive twins can be increased with dietary products. According to people from Africa, daily intake of dairy products during pregnancy can increase the chances of conceiving twins by 5 times.
  • The consumption of cassava root or wild yams can help in conceiving twins. The highest number of twins in the world have Nigerians as they eat cassava root or wild yams often during pregnancy. There is a specific chemical present in these herbs which stimulate the ovaries discharge more than one egg during ovulation.
  • Greater chances of conceiving twins have breastfeeding mother. The chances are nine times greater compared to those who have not been nursing the young ones.
  • Birth control pills help women conceive with twins. After stopping the pills, a woman can get pregnant with twins. If the woman has been taking them for 6 months or even more, the body will tend to regulate the hormone production that can accelerate the production of hormones and the ovaries can release many eggs that might help the woman conceive with twins.
  • Folic acid also increases the chances. A current Australian research showed that folic acid taken prior pregnancy can help the woman get pregnant with twins ant it also helps in combating the neural tube defects.
  • Plan for a big family is the most natural way to increase the chances of having twins. The number of pregnancies can help you get pregnant with twins.


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