10 Everyday Things Whose Purpose You Didn’t Know Before

There are a lot of things we have around ourselves, and we don’t know the purpose of some of them. We try to figure out but still do not understand their real purpose.

As all of you know, humans are curious in nature. We are the same, so we have decided to unravel some of the mysteries for the lot of you. We will be glad to share our discoveries with you.

#1 A hanging loop on back of shirt

This little loop has three interesting theories. According to first one, it is the clearest purpose that this loop is for hanging the shirt. Then, there is another theory that it comes from the time when there were the removable collars of shirts and the handkerchiefs, so maybe its purpose is to fasten the tie somehow. According to third and last theory, a person from a University removed this loop after he started to date a girl. He did this to show that he is not single anymore.

#2 The Power cable cylinder

You might have noticed a cylinder on the power cord of your laptop. It is a significant thing. We call it the ferrite bead. Its purpose is to suppress the high-frequency noise within the electronic circuits. It has a basic but incredible design. See, sometimes little things are important.

#3 Little hole in plane’s window

The manufacturers use two different pieces of the glass to create a windowpane for the airplane. Due to the significant pressure difference between the inside and outside of the plane, the inner glass of the pane could shatter anytime. However, this little hole enables the movement of air between the inner area of the windowpanes and the cabin of the airplane. In this way, it works as an equalizer for the pressure.

#4 Blue part of eraser


Ask somebody that what is the purpose of blue part of eraser, and most of them will say that they can use it to remove the marks of a pen. It ‘s not valid. They made it remove markings from the thick paper. Pink part can regularly leave the traces on the paper, while blue part for the mostly disposes of everything. Makers of erasers soon found that individuals did not accurately comprehend its actual purpose. Thus they began to promote the utilization of the blue piece of the eraser against pen markings

#5 Horizontal Buttonholes of shirt

Sometimes we think that why the first and the last buttonhole on our shirts are horizontal while all the other holes are vertical. The answer is fundamental and straightforward. The reason behind this thing is that the first and the last buttons of our shirts are mostly to become undone, so a horizontal hole makes it difficult for the button for come undone.

#6 Extra eyelets of sneakers

Not many people would pay attention to those extra holes in their shoes. However, people should pay some attention because they have a beneficial purpose. Designers made them fix your shoes in one place on the feet, so they don’t rub your ankles while you are running.

#7 Side eyelets of sneakers

However, there are two small holes on both sides of the converse training shoes. Designers made them fit those shoes on the feet, and additionally, they work as the ventilators.

#8 Hole of the Spaghetti spoon

Designers made the hole in Spaghetti spoon to measure the perfect amount of the pasta needed to eat. Yes, some people eat more than the others do. However, they made this hole to measure the average size anyone would like to have.

#9 Small pockets of jeans

Everyone thinks that small pocket of their jeans has a use to hold the contraception. Obviously, it can do this job along with holding a lot of different things. However, designers made this to serve a different purpose. Levi’s made the small pocket for the first time in 1873. The purpose of small pocket is to hold the pocket watch. The manufacturers still know it officially as the “watch pocket.”

#10 Rivets on Jeans

Rivets are more valuable than one could even imagine. For the first time, when the workers wore denim and worked physically, the trouser fell within no time. Luckily then they found a solution. Some studs would strengthen the areas enduring all the strain. This idea became a super hit and became a great success. Now we know the importance of what we wear.

I guess now you have more knowledge about these little everyday things, so next time when someone asks the question about any of these. You can slam the answer right there.

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